Interior Surfaces

Meeting Your Project Goals


Hand-applied interior surface finishes using the most beautiful materials available in the world. The human mind-body connection can be trained to produce fractal patterns like those found in nature. These organic patterns and textures, even executed in a modern setting, are comforting and rejuvenating.


By combining unique materials and toppings of metallic waxes and sheer glazes, your wall surfaces will be one of a kind expressions of your design statement.  Then by adding an almost unlimited variation of coloration, the result is an original finish that no one else will have.


Because faux finishes are hard to touch up, we take the extra step of utilizing modern topcoats that protect the surface and can even enhance appearance.  Our technical knowledge assures material compatibility that produces wear resistant, scrubbable finishes.  For high wear areas, we compose beautiful finishes using commercial grade materials that are scuff and impact resistant, and have 10 year manufacturer warranties.

Healthy Living

Indoor air quality can have a profound impact on health. Incorporating natural paints and plasters can, in some cases, clean the air by absorbing formaldehyde and other chemicals released by furniture, carpets, floors and fabrics.  Humidity absorption and dissipation by natural breathable walls can also keep air comfortable.  Some of the plasters we use have been documented to absorb electrical frequencies emitted by wiring and devices that are increasingly present in our “connected” lifestyles.


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